Where wild animals rest

where wild hearts come to rest


A Community for Creatives

The Lair has become a safe haven
for passionate, untamed creatures. 

Where we can tend our wounds, restore weary bones,
relocate and replenish life’s strength inside you. 

A secluded studio and garden
perched high in the Hollywood Hills, 
The Lair is a shelter, a place to be free,
to revitalize, to be recharged. 

The Lair offers a variety of practical wellness workshops.
Choose from 1, 4 or 7 day cleanses
designed and lead by Creative Cleansing.

We firmly believe in collaboration within our tribe. 
The Lair is available for private hire and brand partnerships
with those aligned with our ethos:
kindness, commitment, hard work and compassion.


and breathe…


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